Who Preached at Seekers Church in 2008?


At Seekers Church we believe that each of us can and does hear God’s Word in various ways in our lives, and that some of us are led to share what we hear through preaching. This gives us a rich diversity of preachers, as this summary of our preaching last year suggests. In 2008:

  • Thirty-four (34) people or groups preached at least once.

  • We heard from 27 women, 15 men, and 7 groups.

  • In addition, we had two Taize services and a Christmas carol sing.

  • On 45 Sundays, the preaching came from within the Seekers community.

  • And on seven Sundays, we heard voices from outside our community.


This year Celebration Circle would be delighted to welcome a sermon from any Seeker. Ken Burton keeps the preaching calendar, but please feel free to speak with any member of the mission group (Deborah Sokolove, Peter Bankson, and Sandra Miller, as well as Ken), about sharing your own response to God’s call in a sermon at Seekers Church. You can take a look at our guidelines for preaching here.

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