Guidelines for Preachers

Everyone is invited to preach at Seekers Church. Following are some guidelines to help you if you decide to preach:

  1. As you select the form of your preaching offering, consider the variety — teaching, prophecy, visioning, participative, non-verbal, etc. We encourage variety, and want you to use a form that empowers you. If you want to talk over an unconventional approach, call a member of Celebration Circle.
  2. Make an explicit connection to the Lectionary Scriptures for the week.
  3. Consider how your sermon can be related to the theme for the worship season.
  4. Consider how your offering is grounded in your personal theological understanding: use your own story as one part of our story as a Christian community.
  5. Consider how your offering can build the life of the Seekers. Encouragement, teaching and prophetic confrontation all have a place, but the goal is to engage with us as a community and help us be on our journey.
  6. Consider how you can invite us to an encounter with God, and a relationship with Christ.
  7. Consider naming God in expanded, emancipatory ways, envisioning the divine as inclusive, diverse, or beyond gender.
  8. Consider how you can invite each of us into a deeper connection with the Seekers’ Church.
  9. Consider how you can invite us to an outer journey in mission as well as an inner journey of spiritual growth.
  10. Consider how you can link us to our Christian tradition.
  11. Consider how you can shed light on the meaning of Christian Discipleship in terms of our heritage within the Church of the Saviour — servant leadership, committed membership, mission, call, gifts, etc.
  12. Leave room for the Holy Spirit

-Celebration Circle

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