Seekers Artists and Authors

Seekers members’ creativity is expressed through fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, music, and other media. Samples of the work of these Seekers are below. Scroll down or click on the name to go directly to their work.


Marjory Bankson is a potter, a seasoned spiritual guide, and the author of six books. Her most recent book, Stalking the Spirit in a Do-It-Yourself Church, is the story of Seekers Church as it emerged from Church of the Saviour. Formerly the president of Faith At Work (now called Lumunos) and editor of Faith@Work magazine for over twenty years, Marjory now chairs the Ecumenical Council of Church of the Saviour. She facilitates clergy support groups in the Washington, DC area and travels nationally to offer retreats and workshops. read more…

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Peter Bankson has been part of Seekers Church since 1976. While his work over the years has focused on serving non-profit organizations, part of his being has lived in artistic expression: crochet, photography, poetry, and prayer. He writes, “While my work over the years has focused on serving non-profit organizations, part of his being has lived in artistic expression: crochet, photography, poetry, and prayer. Here are a few ideas and images of the energy that flows through me.” read more…

Emmy Lu Daly is a lively, curious long-time member of Seekers Church. Her rich and varied life includes service in the U.S. Navy during World War II, many years of support for L’Arche community (where she helped establish one of the L’Arche communities in Northern Virginia, and entertaining younger veterans as a chanteuse at the VA Hospital in Washington DC. Her volume of poems, And Then Again… , while no longer in print, may be available directly from the author. read more

Katie Fisher is a writer, editor, and visual artist. She is also the lead singer in Mulberry Coach, a joint musical venture with John Morris.

Sandra Miller is a fiber artist who says, “When I’ve talked about making art, and specifically about making paper, I have described it as praying with my hands. Now I would add that I am coming to experience the process more deeply. As a person of faith, I realize that I am constantly having a subconscious conversation with the Holy One in relationship to making art. It is a process of praying with my whole body and my whole self. Being open to listening for a voice, from wherever it may come, guides me physically, and in my inner being, in the acts of creativity to which I am led. I seem to intuitively know my part in the process that leads to a finished piece of art as a result of these conversations.” read more….

John Morris is a multi-faceted artist. Along with Katie Fisher, he composes and performs as Mulberry Coach. John notes, “I write fiction, poetry, and music, and consider these to be central to my way of knowing God. Seekers is a place that understands creativity as praise, even when the art is thoroughly secular.” read more…

Keith Seat is a photographer whose recent exhibit was titled Innocence: Selected Images. The show which evokes memories of childhood and boundless possibilities, when the excitement and risk of the world were perfectly balanced by the safety of a parent’s arms, when nothing could be better than playing in a big fountain on a hot summer day. And yet all too soon innocence begins to fade as it becomes clear that being a boy’s first catch is no fun for the fish and even a kiddie pool can hold risks. But then innocence returns in one’s children and grandchildren and the cycle of hope, disillusionment and renewal continues. read more on Keith’s website,


Margreta Silverstone is an artist and crafter. Her chosen medium involves fabric and the cutting and reconstructing of fabric into different forms – whether for pure visual pleasure or including functional components. read more….

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Deborah Sokolove is an artist, author, and liturgist. Her paintings combine elements from the icon tradition of the Eastern branches of Christianity; the elaborate knot work found in Celtic artifacts; the space-filling patterns of Islamic tiles; folk motifs from Latin America, Africa, and Asia; and contemporary notions about art. Her books are about the relationship between the arts, worship, and the church. read more…..

Jacqie Wallen is an artist, poet, photographer, author, and psychotherapist who takes great delight in the beauty of nature and of the human spirit. read more…..

Julie Wan is a writer of literary nonfiction, including memoir, essays, reportage, and hybrid forms such as prose poems and lyric essays. Her varied interests have led her to venture into writing about science, nature, culture, and the anthropology of food. But her favorite subject still tends to be illuminating the wonder in the everyday. Some of her work can be found at More recently, she has been working on building community through Vita Poetica, an arts and faith collective connecting creative and contemplative people in the DC area and beyond. read more…