School for Christian Growth

Our School for Christian Growth welcomes all who seek spiritual growth and knowledge, whether or not they are members of Seekers Church. The School offers classes that cover a wide variety of biblical, Christian doctrine, community-building, and personal growth topics. Click here to see a list of current and past classes.

We have two spring and two fall terms, each six weeks long, and usually offer two courses in each term. Sometimes there are short courses between the terms. Courses typically blend discussion, class activities, and some written reflection.

Classes are free of charge and currently meet online on Tuesdays from 7 to 8:30 pm.

When we meet in person, we serve a light vegetarian buffet before classes during the spring and fall terms. We value the sense of community that develops around sharing good food. We request a donation of $5 for the meal.

Click here to email the registrar. You may also sign up at Seekers Church on Sunday during Circle Time or after worship.