These guides describe us, what we are doing, and some of our principles.

A Visitor’s Guide to Worship in Seekers Church

This describes some of the unique aspects of the way Seekers worships. Each week roles and responsibilities are performed by different people in the congregation, including a different person preaching. Our worship is marked by both formality and spontaneity so that every Sunday is different. We expect the unexpected!

A Guide to Seekers Church

This document explains aspects of our evolving life together. It includes the steps to belonging and making a commitment to Seekers, how we build and sustain our community of faith, and how authority and leadership are developed and decentralized.

A Guide to Mission Groups in Seekers Church

Mission groups have been a core element of the life of Seekers Church from our beginning in 1976 as part of our heritage from Church of the Saviour. Seekers mission groups remain a primary place where we live out God’s call on our lives, the place where we belong most deeply to this small part of the Body of Christ. This guide provides information on how mission groups work.

Guidelines for Word and Music in Worship

These guidelines provide a framework for those involved in preparing Sunday worship at Seekers Church. All are based in the experience of the community, and are offered with love and with the understanding that sometimes the Spirit of God moves us in different directions.

Teaching in the School for Christian Growth

This document helps those teaching in the School use a relational model for instruction and discussion. Instead of the teacher as the primary source of information for the class, the teacher facilitates sharing the wisdom that each participant brings from his or her life experiences to the subject, and from this interchange participants make discoveries about the subject.