Our Living Tradition

Seekers Church, along with a number of other Christian communities, was born out of  Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC. We began worshiping as a separate faith community in 1976, when the original Church of the Saviour congregation divided into smaller communities. In 2004, Seekers moved from Dupont Circle to the Takoma Park neighborhood. While we continue to draw people from across the DC metro area, our storefront presence on the border of DC and Maryland has helped Seekers develop more aspects of a neighborhood church. More recently, we have embraced the limitations imposed by the pandemic to explore the new possibilities of technology for our worship and other gatherings.

Seekers Church continues the tradition of Church of the Saviour, which is based on an amazing belief: each one of us is called by God to a particular work in the world that helps bring about God’s vision for all of creation. Church of the Saviour invited us to commit to this call, supported by structures for accountability. The spiritual journey in Seekers Church grows out of a commitment to answer “Yes” to this call from God, to live out this call with integrity, and to be accountable to one another for this commitment.

It is in following our call that we experience the mystery of God’s presence in our community and an ever-deepening relationship with God in our inner lives. We grow in our faith, find rich fellowship within Christian community, and experience new life and healing, all by following our call.

More information is available in  “A Guide to Seekers Church.”

Maintaining the Tradition of Church of the Saviour 

Seekers Church is one of several churches that formed from Church of the Saviour and continue in that tradition. Links for each of them can be found here. A quarterly newsletter called Callings connects the Church of the Saviour churches. The Inward/Outward Together blog offers a weekly Gospel reflection written by a member of one of the CofS communities and daily quotations related to each week’s reflection. In addition, we periodically gather as the entire church for common worship, celebrations, and other events.

Ministries of Church of the Saviour

A number of ministries have grown from churches and mission groups of Church of the Saviour. Each is independently organized and welcomes your contact.

Ecumenical Council

The ongoing life of Church of the Saviour is coordinated by the Ecumenical Council, which is composed of one representative from each member faith community. The Ecumenical Council meets at least quarterly to share community news, address issues of note, and oversee the single property held in common, which is Dayspring. In addition to having a representative from the community, a Steward of Seekers has served as president of the Ecumenical Council for many years.