Ministry Teams

Ministry teams sometimes spring up in Seekers to coordinate specific activities. These teams differ from mission groups because they are more narrowly focused on a particular task, may draw participants who are also members of mission groups, and do not include regular spiritual accountability. Current ministry teams include:

Our gallery is a reflection of the ideals we hold dear as a faith community in the Christian tradition, which at its heart is an invitation to all without exclusion to explore Creation. The art we show comes from a variety of people: individuals from within our faith community, individuals from our wider local community, and group shows in collaboration with organizations that represent underserved and underexposed people in the wider world.

Bokamoso Career Workshop


The Bokamoso Career Workshop coordinates a two-day project at Seekers each winter for young adults from the Bokamoso Life Centre in Winterveldt, an impoverished township in South Africa. These workshops focus on resume-writing, skill identification, and worksite visits.

Carroll Café

The Carroll Cafe team coordinates a concert series at Seekers Church, currently on the second Friday of some months from October through June. Concerts feature local and national acts mostly in the roots and folk traditions.


In March 2022 the Stewards of Seekers Church affirmed a commitment as “partner community” with CreatureKind, the nonprofit group that advocates for awareness about Christian obligations to farmed animals. The complete partnership statement can be found here.

As a CreatureKind Partner Community, we will support community conversation about this part of our commitment to caring for all of Creation. Our new blog, Living Vegan!, is part of this commitment. A Seekers ministry team of Members and Stewards also will work to help us explore our care for animals by:

  • Encouraging at least one class in the School for Christian Growth about attending to the welfare of animals farmed for human use and consumption. The class may use materials from CreatureKind, a book, or a film.
  • Facilitating a sermon annually about loving God and creation by attending to the welfare of animals farmed for human use and consumption.
  • Conducting a community discussion about CreatureKind and the welfare of farmed animals annually following a worship service.
  • Working to sponsor a Friendly Food Challenge at Seekers.
  • Working with our Children’s Team to add to our Sunday School curriculum material on animal welfare and our responsibilities as Christians to animals.

The CreatureKind ministry team will help our church live more fully into our commitment to care for the natural environment in inclusive, creative ways.

Martha’s Mob

We support our building maintenance with a quarterly work party of community volunteers, affectionately known as “Martha’s Mob” (see Luke 10:38-42). The Time and Space mission group identifies tasks that take more time than the weekly cleaners have available and projects that don’t require a contractor. Both men and women volunteer for such tasks as defrosting freezers, cleaning cabinets, changing HVAC filters and light bulbs, inspecting and repairing chairs, and lubricating doors. For more information contact

Men’s Breakfast

Men in Seekers Church gather for breakfast on alternate Saturdays at a diner in Silver Spring. This is an opportunity for extended informal conversation that deepens their connections. For more information contact

Racial & Ethnic Justice Ministry Team

Our Racial & Ethnic Justice Ministry Team nurtures our commitment to “foster justice and be in solidarity with those in need,” and “work to end all war, and violence, and discord.”

Senior Pioneers

This is a small sharing group of women in their 70s and over that meets regularly to focus on spiritual growth and health and aging. Click here for more information.