Worship with Seekers Church: A Visitor’s Guide

Worship with Seekers Church: A Visitor's Guide


Seekers Church is an intentional Christian community that has grown out of the Church of the Saviour, founded by Gordon and Mary Cosby in Washington DC in 1946. During its life, Church of the Saviour has developed a strong commitment to the priesthood of all believers, lived out through an outer journey of service to God’s creation, balanced by an inner journey of disciplined prayer and reflection to support individual discernment of God’s call.

Since 1976 when Seekers came into being as a separate congregation, we have added to these traditions a commitment to shared leadership, a readiness for conversation among the faith traditions we inherited, and new understandings of Christian commitment, and an invitation to all with full respect for the richness brought by people of different age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or spiritual tradition. We want to be a church for all God’s people.

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International Giving 2023


Seekers Church continues to support many missions and ministries in the United States and other countries. The amount budgeted for international giving this year approaches 20% of what we expect to receive in offerings over the course of the year. Once our budget for the year was approved, and the overall amount available for international giving had been determined by the Stewards of Seekers Church, all Seekers were invited to request support for missions or ministries where they are personally involved.

After worship on February 19th the community met to determine how our international giving will be distributed. At that community meeting we affirmed support for 13 international missions and ministries:


World Organization for Resource Development & Education (WORDE)

Middle East

New Story Leadership - Israel/Palestine

Rostropovich Vishnevskaya Foundation – Palestine


Bokamoso Youth Foundation – South Africa        

Othandweni Day Care and Guest House – South Africa

Gospel Power and Truth Ministries – Uganda – Uganda

South Asia

Hope International Development Agency – Myanmar

Central America

PAVA (Programa de Ayuda a los Vecinos del Altiplano) – Guatemala

Collegio Miguel Angel Asturias – Guatemala

San Lucas Toliman Reforestation Project – Guatemala    

Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) – Haiti

Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples “Tininiska” R. L. – Nicaragua  

El Mundo para Puerto Morelos – Mexico            


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“A White South African Speaks to American Christians”


On Saturday, November 12th Seekers Church will welcome and honor Reverend Peter Storey, a South African Methodist minister and theologian, to share some of his experience. Reverend Storey is the former president of the Methodist Church of South Africa and bishop of Johannesburg, former president of the South African Council of Churches, and Professor at Duke University Divinity School. He was a leading voice in the struggle against apartheid, was a prison chaplain to Nelson Mandela, and was deeply engaged in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Peter is a critical link that led Seekers to a deep engagement in and with South Africa, including our support to the Carpenters’ medical work and later M.U.K.A.,…

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Racial & Ethnic Justice Ministry Team

Seekers Church acknowledges and confronts the difficult history of white supremacy and racism that we and other Christian churches have perpetuated.  We seek to dismantle white supremacy and systemic racism in ourselves, in our faith community, in our nation and in our world – by better aligning our words and actions to the hopes and teachings of Jesus.

Moving forward the team will support our work toward:

  • Centering and following the voices of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and ethnic minorities.
  • Deconstructing our racist systems of punishment, oppression and control.
  • Divesting resources from systems that are causing harm.
  • Building systems of safety, care and racial healing for all.

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