Torribio ChajilSeekers gives generously to causes that share our core value of working towards a more just, loving, and peaceful world. Each year, we give about half of our annual budget to these outside causes.

The recipient organizations of our Domestic and International giving vary somewhat from year to year. The general rule is that one or more Seekers are personally involved in these organizations in some way. Recipients are chosen by consensus among the congregation at the start of every year.

Growing Edge Fund

While most of our giving focuses on outside organizations, we also designate a small portion for supporting individual Seekers with our Growing Edge Fund. Seekers believes we are all called to a faith journey of co-creation with the spirit of God. The Growing Edge Fund was started as a way to support Seekers on this journey and fan the flame of creativity. This fund provides a way for Seekers to nourish hopes, take risks, and explore opportunities that they may not pursue otherwise. Past recipients have used their gifts for a variety of activities including attending the School of the Wild, writing a book, and becoming a chaplain. Click here for more information and how to apply. The Growing Edge Fund is administered by the Mission Support Group.