Mission Groups

Mission groups are small groups of people (three to twelve) committed to both inward individual and group spiritual journeys and an outward journey (usually corporate) where they use their God-given gifts in responding to God’s call to meet the needs of the world. They meet regularly to live out these commitments and to account for their progress on these journeys. Mission groups have a broader focus than the particular tasks of ministry teams and are committed to regular individual and group spiritual accountability. They are unlike sharing groups because they are called to a mission that addresses an aspect of the world’s need and are committed to regular accountability for that mission. Mission groups are part of our heritage from Church of the Saviour, and in some ways seek to emulate groups that supported Jesus’ earthly ministry and the early church.

Mission groups are at the heart of our life together. Seekers believes that mission groups help us deepen our faith in God by cultivating prayerful reflection and intentional action through working together with a few others who share a common commitment to a particular mission. Our mission groups sustain and organize our ministries in the world, support the spiritual growth of their members, and sustain the life of this church.

A mission group is a place where you can join with others who share a call to a particular kind of transforming work in the world. A mission group is a place of safety in which you can share your inner journey, find forgiveness and understanding, ask and answer hard questions, and discern ever more clearly the ways in which God is calling you to embody Christ in your daily life. A mission group is a place where both your journey inward to knowing God and your journey outward to service can be held together in loving community.

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The Call of the Group

Like Seekers Church as a whole, each mission group has a written call which describes the purpose or mission of the group and serves as the framework for group and individual activities. These activities might center on Seekers’ community life or the wider world.

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