About Seekers

Seekers was founded as a progressive, non-denominational Christian church in 1976 out of Church of the Saviour. Seekers intentionally commits to the equality of all races, genders, and sexual orientations. We invite everyone without regard to age, education, socio-economic status, or spiritual tradition. What is most important to us is getting to know one another and nurturing each other’s gifts. We strive to be a church within which we can experience the presence of God together, and take that presence back out into the world.

Seekers Church does not have a pastor. Rather, we recognize that everyone has gifts and authority, and we depend on each member of our community to help sustain the life of the church. Our structures include a Servant Leadership Team, a group of Stewards, and a number of mission groups. You can read more about these structures of shared leadership here and in the Guide to Seekers Church.

Our call is to be a community of Seekers that comes together in weekly worship rooted in Biblical faith and disperses with a commitment to understand and embody Christian servanthood in the structures in which we live our lives.

We share many of our practices with the other Christian communities and ministries born out of Church of the Saviour. Read more about Church of Saviour here.