The Beauty of Islam

The Beauty of Islam

One Saturday June 4, 2016 a joint project of the Muslim Women’s Coalition of Greater Washington, the Interfaith Sacred Conversation on Race and Diversity, and the Eyes to See, Ears to Hear Peace Prayer Mission group of Seekers Church offered the first in a series of events open to the wider community in an effort to enlarge people’s knowledge of Islam. “Sublime Messages and Art of Islamic Calligraphy”

16 Jun Islamic Calligraphy

was presented by Nur Muhammad Osier in an academically grounded power point that explained how Islamic calligraphy came into existence, the six scripts used, and the long line of masters that led to his standing before the gathering and his status as a student of this amazing art.


When we look at Islamic calligraphy we are transported to another dimension.  It is the highest form of Islamic art and medium through which the sublime messages of the Islamic religion, especially the Holy Quran, were conveyed and blessings bestowed. In addition to the Quran, the descriptions, characteristics, and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) are major subjects of Islamic calligraphy. In particular, the Hilye, or the description of the Prophet Muhammad as given by people who saw him during his lifetime, is one of the most important pieces in Islamic calligraphy, and is often the goal of the student to become a certified calligrapher.

After the power point presentation, with its numerous personal touches, Nur’s teacher Muhammad Zakariya kindly spoke briefly and fielded questions from our gracious audience as guests enjoyed an abundant buffet of tea and treats.

Please contact Sandra Miller at if you wish to be notified of upcoming events in this series.

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