Eyes to See, Ears to Hear Peace Prayer Group

Eyes to See, Ears to Hear Mission Group is called to be a place of prayer and action for the myriad circumstances in the world that are in need of justice, peace and healing.

Mission groups carry the seeds of the destiny of God’s creation. Thus, we seek to create a space to pray from a place of gratitude for the life each of us has been given, and to strengthen our faith in following Jesus’s example of transforming experiences of deprivation and insufficiency into abundance that is made available to all. We hold an awareness of suffering and injustice in prayer and promote engagement in those places where we see possibility for connection and healing.

As a place of belonging to the Body of Christ, we encourage each other to deepen our inward journey, sometimes providing close accompaniment and support in difficult stretches of our lives. We support each other as our callings, opportunities, and responsibilities change.

We consider justice, fairness, and stewardship concerns within Seekers. Our group has initiated activities as well as joined in supporting activities led by other individuals and groups. We have proposed expenditures through the regular budget of Seekers and through the sub-budgets managed by the Domestic Giving Committee and by the International Giving Committee, commonly with an eye to advocacy elements of these budgets.  We have led classes in the School for Christian Growth and sponsored fundraisers and various service or advocacy actions.  We have provided the leadership for the offering of a prayer and the lighting of a candle for Peace and Justice as a regular part of Sunday morning community worship. In various ways we have lifted up and sustained community caring about the crisis in Nicaragua, the conflicts in Israel/Palestine, discrimination against Muslims and the horrible treatment of many immigrants without papers in the United States. We have supported the international peacemaking and healing initiatives of members of our mission group.

Members of the community are invited to bring peace and justice prayer requests to us. A collection of these prayers are available for others to use as well. 

We meet every Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 8:15 pm. We pray into the silence together, Quaker style, then share a simple communion meal as we complete the business of the group, and share from our lives.

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