Interfaith Iftar

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Interfaith Iftar with Haneefiya America

On Friday, June 17, 2016 two Stewards of Seekers Church, Jacqie Wallen and Sandra Miller, attended an Interfaith Iftar with Haneefiya America Zawiya at the Silver Spring Civic Center June 2016 Interfaith Iftarwhere the group regularly worships. The invitation to this Iftar came through Mike Little of Faith and Money Network, a mission grown from Church of the Saviour. Mike has been in regular dialogue with the group, crossing boundaries and building bridges of understanding. Also in attendance was Kim Montroll of Bread of Life Church, a Church of the Saviour community where Mike Little also worships, and people from other faith communities in Mike’s network.

Sandra Reported:

Those who arrived early were privileged to witness the first set of prayers for the evening. I was happy to sink into the rolling sounds of the men chanting the verses of the Qur’an and offer my own prayers to our common God. After we broke fast with delicious Senegalese food, Imam Papa Mboup invited several of the guests to say a few words during the program. It was a privilege to be asked, most especially because I was the only woman. All in all, a wonderful experience of showing solidarity with our Muslim neighbors who are feeling the brunt of verbal and physical abuse in these charged political times.

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