Time and Space Mission Group

The Time and Space Mission Group is called to fill Seekers Church building with bountiful life, and invite the gracious use of time and space.

We are called to love our building in the service of ministries and missions of Seekers Church and other groups.

We are called to be a bridge between Seekers and other users of our building, fostering communication with them and with the wider community.

We are called to welcome other groups and individuals and invite them to explore a deeper relationship with Seekers Church.

We believe that God is calling each person to be engaged in service to others in a particular way, and that the community can help individuals respond to that call through prayerful discernment and compassionate support. To carry out our call, the Mission Group will:

  • Encourage use of our space by Seekers for our current and emerging missions and ministries;
  • Facilitate use of our space by others, especially those whose calls and visions are in harmony with our own, sharing Seekers’ life with them and encouraging relationships between them and members of Seekers Church; and
  • Care for our building, practicing good maintenance while keeping our focus on missions and ministry.
  • To deal with time and space, the Mission Group may hire, supervise and support a coordinator, contractors, and others, following the guidance of Stewards. We commit to continually discern God’s leading for the use and care of our building. Members of the Mission Group commit to regular meetings, mutual support, spiritual practices, and accountability.

January 2006

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