Outreach Mission Group

This is the good news. We are not sent in to the world to make people good. God forbid! We are not sent to encourage them to do their duty. . . . We are to let people know that God is for them. We are to let them know that . . . God is calling them into the family of God’s love. . . .

—Sermon by Gordon Cosby, 1963

The Outreach Mission Group (OMG) and its members recognize the need of God’s children to form communities of worship, for spiritual awakening and companionship, and to co-create with God – living out our faith in the wider community and the world. We care about those seeking a community where they can come to know God more deeply in fellowship with others on similar paths.

OMG is called to invite people to experience that spiritual awakening and companionship by being deeply known and loved within the context of Seekers Church. Our purposes are (1) to invite into Seekers new people yearning for what we offer, and (2) to welcome into Seekers those whom God sends our way. OMG is called to develop and implement ways to achieve these purposes, along with reducing unnecessary barriers to connection and inclusion, to ensure that the Seekers community is genuinely welcoming.

We recognize that welcoming newcomers involves careful listening, nurturing, and joint activities within Seekers in order to begin to co-create community with them. OMG invites other Seekers to join with us in reaching out and welcoming in those who wish to join us.

OMG meets as a group every other week, focusing on both our inner and outer journeys and praying for those whom God may send to our community, for those exploring with Seekers, for our mission group and for the entire Seekers community. OMG encourages and supports regular spiritual practices, including prayer/meditation/silence. We care for each other through deep listening and respect, and support each other in our daily lives and in carrying out our call.

June 27, 2016

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