“Wrestling with Faith” by Seekers Community

Twelth Sunday After Pentecost

August 20, 2023

Scripture readings

Genesis 45:1-15
Psalm 133
Romans 11:1‑2a, 29-32
Matthew 15:10-28

This morning, in place of our usual sermon offered by one or two people, we had a time of shared reflections on the scripture, illuminated by our theme “Wrestling with Faith”.

Below is a sampling of the offered reflections.

Outliers, such as the Canaanite woman in our gospel story, show us the role that interrupting tradition has played in the Christian model.

Jesus’s model is one of an ever widening table of inclusion. In that context, let us share from our largess and provide a secure future for all.

Following Brain McLaren, perhaps I need to say that I am “no longer a Christian but a follower of Christ.”

I see the Holy Spirit all around when I take a walk.

From the Canaanite woman episode, we see that Jesus learned and changed as his ministry progressed. “Your faith is what I am looking for, not intelligence or membership in a particular religious group.”

Now, in middle age, I continue to wrestle with forgiving the unknown man who was my biological father.

Faith is love and love is giving. I love and I give.


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