“A Resurrection Love for Earth” by Kolya Braun-Greiner

April 28, 2024

Fifth Sunday of Easter

The Saturday of our Silent Retreat at Dayspring was bookended on either side with cloudy, gloomy days. But Saturday – Oh, springtime beauty was in full bucolic glory! What at blessing it was!  Beauty shows up especially in the Wisdom tradition of the Bible.  The Holy One is the author of beauty (Wisdom 13:3); strength and beauty is found in the sanctuary of the Holy One (Ps. 96:6). Certainly Dayspring is a sanctuary where the beauty God has created is fully evident. What if we considered the whole Earth the sanctuary of God?…

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“A Service in the Style of Taize for Easter 2024”

April 21, 2024

Fourth Sunday of Easter

From time to time Seekers Church apuses its regular preaching schedule for a service of chant, prayer and reflection modeled on the worship of the Taizé Community in France. This Sunday was one such time. Repeating the chants together until they die away into the silence provides rest for our world-weary spirits as well as an opportunity for individual reflection on our faith journeys. Wee joined in spirit with the monks at Taizé, we were nourished by their faithfulness as well as by their music. Our chants were accompanied and supporte by Glen Yakushiji at the piano.…

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“How Our Good News Became Bad News for the Jews” by Deborah Sokolove

April 14, 2024

Third Sunday of Easter

Last Sunday, the Gospel reading was the familiar one from John 20, in which Thomas said that he could not believe that Jesus was risen unless he saw the mark of the nails in his hands with his own eyes, put his own finger in the mark of the nails, and placed his own hand in the wound on Jesus’s side. This week, as we have just heard, Luke 24:36b-48 also records a scene in which Jesus invites the disciples to look at and touch his hands and feet, saying “Touch me and see; for a ghost does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have.”…

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“Sermon of Teresa L. Ramsey” by Teresa Ramsey

April 7, 2024

Second Sunday of Easter

Good morning, Seekers Family. I did not expect that I would be giving a sermon here again, yet here I am. Further proof that I do not see the future this is. The topic that I want to speak about and the scriptures I want to use are both Easter related, so when this date was open and just one week after Easter, I signed up. I am thinking that someone listening today needs to hear this message. In any event, I want to share it.

Resurrecting Faith is our current theme. My theme is a subset of that, how do we awaken spiritually and how can we establish conscious contact with God?…

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“Resurrecting Faith” by Elizabeth Gelfeld

March 31, 2024

Easter Sunday

Text: Mark 16:1-8

When Paul Holmes came up here to preach a few weeks ago, he commented that Erica’s sermon of the previous Sunday was a tough act to follow. Then, during the time of reflections after his sermon, Erica said that she wouldn’t want to have to follow Paul, either. And Dave, who was set to preach the next week, said he was a bit nervous about following both of them.

Throughout the six weeks of Lent, members of Seekers’ Racial and Ethnic Justice Ministry Team have brought to us the word in a series of sermons that went beyond anything I’ve heard before in their probing of topics around White privilege and White supremacy, their relentless questioning of our assumptions and habits, and their unblinking courage in confession.…

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