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School of Christian Living – Spring 2015 First Term


School of Christian Living

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7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Classes begin at 7:45. 
Join us for a simple before-class dinner at 7:00 ($4 donation)

The first term of the School of Christian Living spring semester begins on Tuesday, February 3.  The six-week term features one six-week class, Doctrine at Seekers, led by Cynthia Dahlin; and two sequential three-week sessions, I Have a Dream, led by Dave Lloyd, followed by Continuing to Build the Beloved Community Through Racial Justice and Reconciliation, led by the Eyes to See Mission Group. The term will run through March 10th.  You can either sign up on Sunday, or send an email to Dave Lloyd.


Doctrine at Seekers

Led by Cynthia Dahlin

Do you ever feel that we are so flexible at Seekers that there is no doctrine, or set of common theological beliefs? Well, actually, the statements we read at Annual Commitment have been discussed and revised numerous times, so here is your chance to go through them in detail and discuss them. This class will use “A Guide to Seekers Church,” found on the website in our core documents, along with readings from other traditions to examine our doctrine at Seekers, and discuss the limits to which we stretch doctrine at times to contain our diverse members. This class fulfills the Doctrine requirement for those pursuing Stewardship in Seekers Church.


I Have a Dream (February 3rd through February 17th)
Led by Dave Lloyd

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of a Christian faith that changed lives, systems, and nations evolved over time and still has power today. We will explore Dr. King’s sermons and speeches from 1956 until his untimely death in 1968, identifying how biblical sources served as the foundation for his powerful calls for political and economic justice that were to be achieved through nonviolence.

Continuing to Build the Beloved Community Through Racial Justice and Reconciliation (February 24th through March 10th)

Eyes to See Mission Group

This class builds upon the foundation of last term’s class “Building the Beloved Community Through Racial Justice and Reconciliation”. We will work with the Samaritan story found in the Gospel of Luke, considering how this teaching of Jesus informs our understanding of our efforts to promote racial justice and healing. It is not necessary to have taken the earlier class to participate in these three weeks of reflection and discussion.

For details about our School of Christian Living, click here. 

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