Meet Sandra Miller

Sandra MillerSandra shares about coming home to Seekers, and responding to God’s call to serve those who are homeless.

I came home when I came to Seekers for the first time, 21 years ago!  I was welcomed and accepted for who I was and where I was on my spiritual journey.  I was living in my home state of California at the time and it took me 13½ years to come home for good, but here I am.  During those years my journey brought me back to God and to baptism.

Having answered God’s call did not just bring me to Seekers but to a life of following Christ.  My life’s priorities were turned upside down and the changes to my life were made possible by the incredible support I received from Seekers as both a corporate body and as individual members willing to engage me. The last eight and a half years bear little resemblance to the shape of the previous five plus decades of my life.  The expression of servant leadership embodied by Seekers Church/Church of the Saviour has played out in the work that sustains me financially and feeds my soul.

I believe that God means for my work to be in faith based nonprofits that serve my homeless neighbors.   Currently I am working at a day program for homeless men and women.  My position is to support the mission as the administrative coordinator, however I have a multitude of intentional and unintentional opportunities for involvement with our clients which both humbles and enriches me.  My biggest joy and my biggest challenge is facilitating an expressive writing workshop.  Many of our clients, and therefore the participants, have varying degrees of mental illness and engage with the material from interesting perspectives.  I am touched each time someone chooses to share what they’ve written with me.  I feel very privileged with the totality of my job.

As a member of Seekers I live out other parts of God’s call on my life through service to the church in a variety of groups.  Each group in which I participate offers ways of being truly known and knowing others.  Here I live out my passions for wordsmithing, visual expression, prayer, peace and justice.  Life is full and incredibly rich.

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