Recommitment Season at Seekers Church

09_recommitment_altar_2.jpgEach year we renew our commitment to Christ and to the Seekers Church in a conscious and intentional way. This annual recommitment is a key element in the life of Seekers Church, maintaining a tradition of the Church of the Saviour begun with the initial commitment of founding members in 1947.


This year “Recommitment Sunday” will be observed during worship on the third Sunday of October, the 18th. This recommitment season is an opportunity for each of us to envision the future for Seekers Church and the part we are called to play in the next chapter of our life together.

The time before Recommitment Sunday is an opportunity for us to review our commitment to God and to Seekers Church. In Seekers we understand that God’s call and our commitments are linked together. Every choice you make, every call you answer changes all of us, and God is at work in the world, calling us to be on the Way with Jesus in these troubled times.


This year, as we reflect on the call of Seekers Church and our commitment statements, we’ve been invited to reflect on some core questions:

     †  What am I being called to offer to God and God’s creation?

     †  How can being a part of Seekers Church support my response to God’s call?

     †  What do I need from and through this community in order to deepen my commitment to Christ?


Part of our traditional preparation includes a silent hour of prayer in the sanctuary before signing the Seekers membership log, the record of all Seekers members since our beginning in 1976. On Recommitment Sunday all those who identify themselves as Seekers, who attend worship and other Seekers community activities regularly, will name their commitment as Members of Seekers Church, using the Member’s commitment statement. The Stewards will use a longer statement, which includes commitments to care for the life of the community.


If you have questions, check with a member of the Seekers Servant Leadership Team: Peter Bankson, Kate Cudlipp or Brenda Seat.




Member’s Commitment


I am a Seeker. I come today to affirm my relationship with this Christian community in the tradition of the Church of the Saviour, linked with the people of God through the ages. As a member of this church, I will deepen my relationships in this local expression of the Body of Christ, sharing my gifts from God with others who worship with Seekers Church, and in the wider world. I will:

     †  Nurture my relationship with God and Seekers Church through spiritual disciplines;

     †  Care for the whole of creation, including the natural environment;

     †  Foster justice and be in solidarity with the poor;

     †  Work for the end of all war, both public and private; and

     †  Respond joyfully with my life, as the grace of God gives me freedom.




Stewards Commitment


I come today to make my commitment to the Seekers Church, a Christian Community in the tradition of the Church of the Saviour. Seekers Church is an ecumenical body of Christians who are linked with the people of God throughout the ages. We worship God as triune being. We believe:

     †  That the Creator — father and mother to us all, ground of being — loves, sustains and calls us;

     †  Along with the disciples, that Jesus is the Christ,

         who now calls us to a ministry of love and justice;

     †  That the Holy Spirit, as the empowering presence and breath of God,

         confronts and inspires us to do God’s work in the world.


We believe that we are all ministers of the Church, which is both universal, grace-filled body of Christ, and fragile earthen vessel. I commit to:

     †  Be a faithful witness to God’s presence among us;

     †  Nurture my relationship with God and Seekers through specific disciplines;

     †  Care for the whole of creation, beginning with the natural environment;

     †  Foster justice and be in solidarity with the poor;

     †  Work for the ending of all war, personal and public;

     †  Share responsibility for the spiritual growth of persons of all ages in my community;

     †  Respond joyfully with my life, as the grace of God gives me freedom.

When I move from this place I will join another expression of Christ’s Church.

Adopted by Seekers Church Core Members in May 1987

Revised by Seekers Stewards in September 2001


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