Racial & Ethnic Justice Ministry Team

Seekers Church acknowledges and confronts the difficult history of white supremacy and racism that we and other Christian churches have perpetuated.  We seek to dismantle white supremacy and systemic racism in ourselves, in our faith community, in our nation and in our world – by better aligning our words and actions to the hopes and teachings of Jesus.

Moving forward the team will support our work toward:

  • Centering and following the voices of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and ethnic minorities.
  • Deconstructing our racist systems of punishment, oppression and control.
  • Divesting resources from systems that are causing harm.
  • Building systems of safety, care and racial healing for all.
  • Reducing and repairing harm and violence in our community and beyond.

In August 2022 the Stewards of Seekers Church affirmed the ongoing activity of an informal group of Seekers who had been sponsoring the weekly racial and ethnic justice vigil at Seekers Church and participating in other racial justice activities in the wider community.

In addition to supporting the weekly vigil in front of Seekers Church every Sunday after worship the Racial & Ethnic Justice Ministry Team meets monthly to coordinate and support community activities. including:

  • Organizing an anti-racism tour of DC.
  • Facilitating community “Vote Forward” sessions to write letters encouraging voting (https://voteforward.org).
  • Organizing additional events on Freedom Fridays: such as movies and book discussions.
  • Presenting classes in our School for Christian Growth (e.g., “The Call to Justice in Poetry”).
  • Maintaining this Racial and Ethnic Justice page for Seekers’ website.

The ministry team will do this work through activism, legislative advocacy, sacred conversation with others, financial support of organizations engaged in anti-racism work, education of ourselves and others, and other reasonable and non-violent means we identify.

In its work with other organizations, the Racial and Ethnic Justice Ministry Team has found useful resources to help support our work. Here are links to some of them.

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