David Lloyd and Brenda Seat: Palm Sunday Skit

March 24, 2002
A Skit for Seekers Church
by David Lloyd and Brenda Seat

Palm Sunday Skit

Brenda Seat:     In keeping with a tradition of the Church for hundreds if not thousands of years, in a

few moments we will leave this room to go outside and conduct a processional that celebrates Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.


["TV film crew" (2 youth) enters and sets up equipment.  Crew begins testing sound and lighting for David Lloyd as reporter.]


Brenda:            Can I help you?  We are worshipping here.


Dave:               Oh, we heard that there was going to be a parade in addition to the D.C. marathon

outside and our news editor sent us out to cover it.


Brenda:            It's not exactly a parade.


Dave:               Well, what is going on?


Brenda:            We're so excited.  Jesus of Nazareth is coming and we're all going to go out and greet



Dave:               Why?


Brenda:            Haven't you heard? He's the Messiah!


Dave:               Are you sure?


Brenda:            Yes.  He's been healing people and performing signs and wonders all over Galilee and

Judea, and even in Samaria.  Surely those are signs of the Messiah!


Dave:               You said he's been healing people.  Is there anyone who he has healed that we can



Brenda:            [Goes to one Seeker] — This man was crippled from birth. He is from the village of Hebron and people there can tell you that they saw him lame for 40 years.  And now look at him.


[Goes to another Seeker] — Here is a man who was blind since birth.  Last week Jesus took mud and put it on his eyes, and now look.  He can see.  And the people there with him will tell you that he was blind as a bat.


[Goes to another Seeker] — And this woman, she was bleeding for all her adult life until Jesus healed her in Galilee. Those women there, they'll tell you.


Dave:               Can I interview them?


Brenda:            After we get back.  C'mon with us to greet the King of Kings.


[Brenda leads the congregation outside the sanctuary.  They pick up palms and percussion instruments.  They are led by the Seekers banner and proceed outside the building and around the block, singing songs led by the music group.  After they re-enter the church and are seated, the interviews resume.]


Dave:               It seemed like all of Jerusalem was with you to greet him.


Brenda:            Yes, everyone has been waiting for this for more than a 100 years.


Dave:               Why?


Brenda:            He's going to get rid of the Romans and that puppet Herod and we'll finally have our own kingdom of Judea again!  Isn't that exciting?  It is just like the prophets foretold!!


Dave:               How do you think the Romans and Herod will react to being overthrown?


Brenda:            It doesn't matter, because he is the Messiah and he'll get rid of all of them.


Dave:               Let me talk to one of the people who went with you. (Talks to a Seeker) What do you think of all this?




Dave:               [Talks to another Seeker] Were you out there to greet this Jesus?  What is he like?  What do you think will happen?




Dave:               [Talks to Brenda] I didn't see any of the Temple authorities or Pharisees out there with you.


Brenda:            No, they have eyes to see but they are blind.  They have ears to hear, but they don't listen.  The Messiah is here and they're missing it.


Dave:               Why don't they like Jesus?


Brenda:            Well, for one thing, Jesus breaks some of the petty Sabbath rules by healing on the Sabbath.  He said that the Sabbath was made for us and we were not made for the Sabbath.  Well, that really ticked off the Pharisees, because their whole mission is to get everyone to be good Jews by faithfully obeying the law that Moses gave us.  And he called them hypocrites.


Dave:               What else?


Brenda:            Well, Jesus seems to believe that we don't need the Temple to worship God, and of course that ticks off the priests and the Levites, and all the people whose mission is to help the faithful provide pure sacrifices at the Temple.  You know, people who sell pure unblemished lambs and doves.  And the people who change those Greek and Roman coins that have an image of Caesar with the words, "Caesar is God" for coins that don't blaspheme.  And of course, all the people who make their living by providing devout Jews who are making pilgrimages to the Temple with food and drink and a place to stay.


Dave:               What do you think the Temple authorities and Pharisees will do to Jesus?


Brenda:            I don't know, but now is not the time to worry about it.  The Messiah is here!


Dave:               Do you think the Temple authorities and Pharisees will do anything to you and the other people who went out to greet Jesus?


Brenda:            He is the Messiah, he will protect us.


Dave:               I'm sorry, that's all the time we have.  (To Camera)  This has been David Lloyd, reporting for Jerusalem News.


[TV Crew and Dave depart]


[Brenda sits down and the service continues]

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