Community of Communities in 2016

Since we began dreaming of our move to Takoma DC, long before we arrived in 2004, Seekers Church had a deep desire to share our space with other missions, ministries and organizations that are called to serve the greater good. Over the past decade we’ve helped that dream grow into a lively community of communities, that includes meetings by many different groups.

Last year 49 different groups held over 550 events in our space. This did not include meetings or daily operations by Seekers Church or the three other organizations that use our space as their headquarters. Click here to see the current schedule of events posted on our online calendar.

Currently, 19 of these 49 event sponsors host regular meetings at our place. Those who participate in their events often see our home on Carroll Street as their place. The active life of this community of communities includes worship and meditation, healing practices like Twelve Step programs, folk life and music, and healing support. Here are brief introductions to these groups, with links to help you find more information about them and their activities.

Al-Anon/ Alateen Information Service of Washington DC and Suburban Maryland

Al-Anon/ Alateen Information Service of Washington DC and Suburban Maryland (AIS-DCSMD) is located in the office at Seekers Church. It provides resources and information on Al-Anon and Alateen meetings. The Al-Anon Family Groups are a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share experience, strength, and hope in order to solve their common problems. Contact: Caroline P. [info (at)].

Two Al-Anon groups meet at Seekers Church:

  • Every Sunday Takoma Park Parent Al-Anon meets on Sunday evenings at 6:30 p.m.
  • Let It Begin With Me Al-Anon meets on Monday evenings at 8:00 p.m.

Alcoholics Anonymous

The Takoma Rush Hour Group meets on Thursdays at 5:30 PM. Click here for the local AA website.

Blue Mountain Center of Meditation

Blue Mountain Center of Meditation (BMCM) Satsang members meet weekly on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. to provide regular spiritual companionship for followers of Eknath Easwaran’s eight-point program of passage meditation. Meetings include videos of Eknath Easwaran’s talks, discussions and meditation. We welcome inquiries and new members.

Carpe Diem Arts – Summer Arts and Language Immersion Camps

Carpe Diem Arts creates multi-generational community celebrations, and facilitates workshops and performance opportunities, representing a broad range of artistic disciplines, cultures and traditions. Activities include after-school programs, summer arts and language immersion camps, ukulele residencies, community dances, concerts, community sings, and choral arts projects. A driving force behind our dedication to bringing the arts to life is our commitment to supporting our artist community by creating meaningful and rewarding work in service to our schools and communities.

Their mission is to provide increased access to affordable, high quality and culturally diverse visual, literary and performing arts programs, with a focus on outreach to under-served audiences – including children, at-risk youth, seniors, immigrants, wounded warriors, prison populations, and others with special needs – through the coordination of block-bookings and partnerships with area arts presenters and social service agencies.

Carpe Diem generally offers two language immersion arts camps at Seekers Church in the summer: Spanish Immersion and French Immersion. Activities include visual arts, music and dance, poetry, ukulele and songwriting, and field trips to museums and galleries – all while communicating with the instructors and other campers in French or Spanish. In keeping with our mission of making the arts accessible to all, Carpe Diem Arts raises significant funding each year to provide financial aid to those who otherwise could not attend.

Contact: Busy Graham [ busygraham (at)]

Christ Temple Ministries Church

Christ Temple Ministries Church is an inclusive ministry with a pentecostal worship style designed with ALL OF US In Mind! Striving To Be The “Christ” In The Community. Our mission is to empower with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, provide refuge and healing to all regardless of economical status, social background, affectionate orientation, gender identity or educational level. To minister to the Whole man. Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

Contact: [ChristTempleMinistries (at)]

Covenant Christian Community

Covenant Christian Community provides a Christian fellowship in which each person can discover and implement his or her covenant, or relationship, with God through worship, disciplined study, meditation, sharing of resources, and community service. Covenant services take place on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month in the sanctuary of Seekers Church from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

Emotions Anonymous

Emotions Anonymous meets regularly on Mondays at noon, followed by a Clutterers Anonymous meeting.

Fabrangen Cheder

Fabrangen Cheder, a vibrant, progressive community of families committed to leading their children’s Jewish education, celebrates High Holy Days in our facility.

Folklore Society of Greater Washington

The Folklore Society of Greater Washington holds frequent concerts at Seekers Church; the organization is committed to furthering the understanding, investigation, appreciation, and performance of the traditional folk music and folklore of the American people. Membership is open to all, as are all performances and meetings.

Email: FSGW Program Chair [program (at)]

Free Minds Book Club

Free Minds Book Club uses books and creative writing to empower young inmates to transform their lives. By mentoring and connecting them to supportive services throughout their entire incarceration into reentry, Free Minds inspires these youths to see their potential and achieve new educational and career goals. They sponsor a “Write Night” several times a year at Seekers Church, where community volunteers gather alongside Free Minds Reentry Support members home from prison to provide feedback on the writing of Book Club members still incarcerated.

Contact: Sandy Moore [sanmoore (at)] or

Busy Graham [busygraham (at)]

Insight Meditation Community of Washington

The Insight Meditation Community of Washington-sponsored Satsang is a gathering of dedicated dharma practitioners who meet monthly to meditate and contemplate the teachings of The Lord Buddha, as, according to Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche: “. . . the allotted time for the Buddhadharma to remain has not yet passed.”

Institute of Musical Traditions

The Institute of Musical Traditions (IMT) often sponsors folk music concerts at Seekers. IMT is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that preserves and promotes American and international folk music traditions and nurtures new styles evolving from these cultural roots by presenting concerts, workshops, and educational programs.


InterPlay is a practice and philosophy, rooted in the power of play, which helps us unlock the wisdom of the body. InterPlay’s creative process uses easy-to learn forms of movement, storytelling and voice that anyone can do. It balances experiences with reflection and solo/group activities. InterPlay is dedicated to helping the whole person thrive: body, mind, heart and spirit. It was created by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter and is practiced throughout the world.

Contact: Kate Amoss:[katamoss (at)]

Mid-Atlantic Norwegian Dancers

Mid-Atlantic Norwegian Dancers host their annual spring celebration at Seekers Church, with dance parties and classes, Hardanger fiddle lessons/classes and jamming, and a cozy potluck brunch.

Contact: Jenny Foster [pi (at)]

New Story Leadership

New Story Leadership (NSL) selects young emerging leaders from Palestine and Israel and trains them into a team ready to help build a better future for their two communities. By giving them an experience of living, working, and learning together over a summer in Washington, D.C., NSL sparks a new story of possibility and challenges the prevailing mood of cynicism and despair. The administrative office of New Story Leadership is located at Seekers Church.

Contact: Andrew Doll [andrew (at)]

Paul Costello [paul (at)]


On Monday evenings rg Steinman leads a yoga class in the conference room. The awareness we develop on the yoga mat, though seemingly small, affects all that is. Through our breath, we still the fluctuations of the mind and come into the present moment. Through our yoga practice, we develop strength and flexibility, balance and self awareness. As we become more compassionate with ourselves, we extend this compassion to others.

Contact: rg Steinman: E-Mail: [lifeonurth (at)]

Silver Spring Zendo/One Heart Sangha

Silver Spring Zendo/One Heart Sangha gathers Monday and Thursday mornings for sitting meditation in the sanctuary (and also on Wednesday nights at Christ Congregational Church in Silver Spring). The One Heart Sangha is a multi-faith community of Zen students who sit together on a regular basis to support one another in staying awake, moment-by-moment, to see and live our true nature, our at-one-ment with all. One Heart Sangha exists to support the ongoing practice and compassionate presence of its members. Each day includes tree twenty-five minute periods of sitting meditation (zazen) with brief walking meditation (kinhin) between periods. If necessary, it is possible to leave early during one of the walking meditation periods. If you are interested in joining a morning sitting, please send an email to stephen.bellott (at) Please do not just show up without being in touch beforehand.

Takoma Groove Camp

Takoma Groove Camp is a musical day camp allowing intermediate and advanced musicians aged 12 through 17 to gain experience playing in a contemporary band setting. Every summer it fills our space with music for a month.

Contact: [takomagroovecampinfo (at)]

Triumphant Victory Christian Church

Triumphant Victory Christian Church worships Saturday at 5:00 PM in the conference room. The mission of Triumphant Victory Church is to be a Christ-centered ministry, fully embracing the lives, gifts, and talents of the people – which are the rich tapestry of God’s creation.

Pastor: Overseer David M. Parker Email [execpastor (at)]

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