Community of Communities in 2016

Since we began dreaming of our move to Takoma DC, long before we arrived in 2004, Seekers Church had a deep desire to share our space with other missions, ministries and organizations that are called to serve the greater good. Over the past decade we’ve helped that dream grow into a lively community of communities, that includes meetings by many different groups.

Last year 49 different groups held over 550 events in our space. This did not include meetings or daily operations by Seekers Church or the three other organizations that use our space as their headquarters. Click here to see the current schedule of events posted on our online calendar.…

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Seekers Is Offering Office Space

Seekers Church is offering office space (c. 200 sq. ft.) during the week for a small nonprofit organization. As a church we are committed to building peace and justice, fostering healing, caring for our brothers and sisters, as well as all of creation, and celebrating the arts and creativity. We would welcome an organization that shares our values.


Our beautifully renovated property in Northwest Washington, DC, is a historic storefront joined to a 100-year-old house, located a block from the Red Line’s Takoma Metro Station. The office is big enough for a staff of two or three. There is also a reception room at the front of the building that could support meetings or welcome those receiving services from the organization.

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