Carroll Cafe October Concert


A new coffeehouse series at Seekers Church

276 Carroll Street, NW across from the Takoma Park metro

All shows 8-10 p.m.

$15 admission  

info: 443-786-0463


Jesse Palidofsky and Glen Yakushiji have been part of the folk music community for many years. They spent many summers working together at a folk music retreat where they met wonderful musicians, heard amazing music, and became part of a world of music made by regular people.  Jesse’s many performances and the monthly Seekers Church singalong came out of that experience. Over the years Glen and Jesse have been happy to bring that kind of music to the Seekers community, and now they’ve begun sharing it with our neighbors in Takoma Park.


10_sep_carroll_cafe_1_liteFrom the beginning of our dreaming about a home for Seekers Church on Carroll Street, Jesse and Glen began to think about this new space as a place where we could host concerts, and musicians could share their artistry, skill, and vision. We were surprised to discover that Takoma Park, which supports a folk music festival, and an excellent folk music store, didn’t have a venue for folk music concerts. We are finally making that idea into reality.


Starting last April, Seekers Church began hosting the Carroll Cafe, a monthly evening of folk music, offered in a comfortable environment with light refreshments.


Fall and Winter Schedule: 

          Friday, October 8  

          Lori Kelley & Cletus Kennelly

a blend of contemporary and urban folk mixed with elements of melodic pop and alternative rock. Add a dash of country, tossed in for grins


Friday, November 12


high-energy folk playing traditional music of Ireland, Scotland and Appalachia, they     bring traditional songs and tunes into the new century. Known for their fun and energetic performances and for the taste and delicacy of their arrangements


Friday, December 10

Jennifer Cutting’s OCEAN Quartet

a new album in the works says it all. Listen for songs celebrating the solstice infused with Cutting’s ethereal magic.


January 14   Magpie

February 11 Hot Soup

March 11     TBA

April 8   Lea & Carey Creed

May 13   Kim & Reggie Harris

June 10   Zoe Mulford




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