A Moving Memorial Service for Kate Cudlipp

Celebrating the Gift of Her Life


September 24, 2011


This morning we welcomed an overflow gathering to celebrate Kate’s life. The altar table had a wonderful image of Kate taken by Keith Seat, a votive candle to mark each of the seven decades of her life, a magnificent bouquet from Senator Ron Wyden, and an unfired clay urn with Kate’s ashes. The urn was made by Marjory Bankson and selected several years ago by Kate.


Kate’s spouse Carole had selected some for their favorite music to share with us as we reflected on Kate’s life. As we listened many of us wrote a reflection or memory to be placed in the memory book that is being gathered for Carole. An individual who had been part of Kates life in each decade lit a memorial candle for that period and shared from the richness of their experience with Kate. 


Five individuals who had known Kate well offered their reflections on the gift of her life. You can read their reflections by clicking on their names:

     Marjory Bankson

     Kate Lang

     Diann Neu

     Bill Cudlipp

     Carole Grunberg


Following the memorial, Koinonia Mission Group offered us an opportunity to share further reflections and some of Kate’s favorite cookies which had been baked for the occasion by many Seekers.


One of the reflections offered included this core wisdom that Kate had found in Love and Death by Forrest Church:

Want what you have,

do what you can,

and be who you are. 

Do these things with reverence, humbled by awe, and your cup will overflow.


Kate and Carole were married at Seekers Church in June, 2010. Details of their wedding ceremony are available by clicking here. An earlier article remembering Kate is available here.


…Peace …


Peter Bankson

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Reflections on Kate by Marjory Bankson
Memorial Service for Kate Cudlipp