In Memory of Kate Cudlipp (1943 – 2011)

   July 30, 2011


11_Jul_Kate_for_Memoriale_Kate Cudlipp, longtime member of Seekers Church and spouse of Carole Grunberg, died Thursday afternoon, July 28th. Early on the morning of July 23rd Kate fell from her bicycle and sustained serious  injuries to her spinal column. She was paralyzed from the neck down. Although paralyzed, Kate was conscious, and was able to share her good-byes with her brother Bill, Carole, and a circle of friends. To the ICU staff at Washington Hospital Center and to those of us who were with her, Kate was a model of a faithful and hopeful passing.


Kate has served Seekers Church as a member of our Servant Leadership Team since September 1993. In addition to years of public service on the staff of environmental committees of the United States Senate, Kate served for seven years as chair of the Board of Directors of For Love of Children (FLOC) and Chair of the Ecumenical Council of Church of the Saviour. She had the gift of that quiet, steady leadership which is so important to help organizations through tough times. 


One of Kate’s gifts to the world was the warm, willing way she offered herself in support of so many as they stepped into an unknown future.  Kate’s own introduction is in the Meet a Seeker section.


A year ago at Seekers Church we were privileged help Kate and Carole celebrate their marriage after a 28-year commitment to each other.  A short article is available down the front page.


We are working with Carole and others to plan a memorial service for Kate on a Saturday in the fall, and will share more details as soon as they’re available.

Peter Bankson

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