Seekers recognizes that any member of the community may be called upon by God to give us the Word, and thus we have an open pulpit with a different preacher each week. Sermons preached at Seekers, as well as sermons preached by Seekers at other churches or events, are posted here, beginning with the most recent.

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Feel free to use what is helpful from these sermons. We only ask that when substantial portions are abstracted or used in a written work, please credit Seekers Church and the author, and cite the URL.

Karen P. Eriksen: A New Creation

June 15, 1997

Those operating out of Stage Three have been socialized into some societal norm. They function conventionally in society, following the rules and norms, living the unexamined life. They understand that others have feelings that differ from themselves. Others’ needs are so well known, that they pay sole attention to them. They do not rock the boat. They accommodate in intimate relationships. They go along with the program in organizations. I think the choice to be part of Seekers represents some position beyond Stage Three, to break with conventions we grew up with. According to Kegan, most adults function primarily out of Stage Three.


Peter Bankson: Let Go? — Of Course!

June 08, 1997

I think there is an element of detachment in every expression of Christian community and Christian call. And it is more than simply “letting go and letting God.” This is the detachment of prophets and mystics. It is commitment without control, compassion without coercion, ministry without micro-management.


Bob Bayer: Where Is The Spirit?

May 24, 1997

There was a roaring wind at the core members meeting as we shared our feelings around the prospect of moving. We were swept up in a whirlwind of dust and debris that blinded and wounded. The wind has passed … for the moment …, and we are left trying to clear the grit from our eyes, determine injury, and bind one another’s wounds.


Deborah Sokolove, David Lloyd, and Margreta Silverstone: A Cross and A Banner

May 18, 1997

A few weeks ago, Sonya asked me why we needed this processional cross and banner, which were presented at Easter, and have been in various parts of the room since then. It was clear that she (and perhaps many of you) was uncomfortable with the symbols used in many churches to mark the separation between “important” clergy and “unimportant” laity. I told her how they came to be made, and she suggested that I share the story, so these symbols might become not something pretty that were made by talented members of the congregation, but part of our common life together.


Muriel Lipp: The Problem of Growth

May 11, 1997

We have just recently made a big decision not to buy a building — the building on Pennsylvania Ave., which for some of us was already beginning to feel like church. But, as in the song we just sang, “The church is not a building, The church is the people.” So those of us who are disappointed will, I hope, survive this disappointment and look for the Holy Spirit elsewhere among us. No matter where we are, we are still the Seekers Church.