Seekers recognizes that any member of the community may be called upon by God to give us the Word, and thus we have an open pulpit with a different preacher each week. Sermons preached at Seekers, as well as sermons preached by Seekers at other churches or events, are posted here, beginning with the most recent.

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Feel free to use what is helpful from these sermons. We only ask that when substantial portions are abstracted or used in a written work, please credit Seekers Church and the author, and cite the URL.

Sarah Hall Goodwin: Feeding the Fifty Thousand in Uganda

July 27, 1997

On June 3, I joined the procession up to the shrine. (There are two shrines: Catholic and Anglican.) We stopped at the Catholic one because it was nearer. There was a huge mass of people — maybe 40-50,000 people from all over the country and neighboring countries. They were serious pilgrims. It wasn’t just an outing. Many had camped out overnight. I had one of about three white faces in the entire gathering, and certainly was the only female wearing pants!


Pat Conover: Belonging

July 20, 1997

If you want to belong to Seekers, then come on in. But if you are messing around, if you are only sampling, if you are testing the waters, if you want to know how it will work out before you take the next step, well then you don’t quite belong. Seekers has some space at the margins. Some folks have stayed on the margins for years. But you get in by coming in, by growing, by ministering.


Mollie McMurray and Kate Cudlipp: God’s Mountain — Bring It On Down!

July 13, 1997

Jesus spent his public life challenging aspects of the dominant cultures of his time — Roman and Jewish. The Christian message is that we must not live our lives according to the values and standards of the world, because to do so is to be seduced away from what we know in our hearts — what God has planted there — as true.


Dan Phillips: Sandals

July 06, 1997

My father is a Baptist minister. An Independent Baptist minister. For those of you who don’t recognize the distinction, “Independent” means that he considered the Southern Baptist to be too liberal to associate with. To my father and his peers, this text said that God calls men, only men – sorry ladies, to be witnesses to a world that had lost touch with God: to be independent voices of a different set of values.


combined Sunday School classes: Sunday School Drama

June 22, 1997

This is your roving reporter, Judith of Jerusalem. We are now entering into the time of one of our holiest of holidays, the Passover, and crowds of people from all over the country are streaming into the city. The priests estimate about 500,000 people will visit the Temple this week. Right now I am standing in the Court of the Gentiles at the Temple.