Prelude by The Teen Clowns: The Annunciation

Sunday, December 7
The Teen Clowns

The Annunciation

Prelude time [congregation is seated but music has not begun]

Characters: [Teens in clown face]

Samantha Grace
Sol Bergen (wearing long Biblical dress and wig)
Susanna Crumrine (wearing a hat, tunic and jeans)
Angel Gabriel
Elizabeth Jernigan (with tiara/halo and magic wand)
Patrick Crumrine (wearing long white Biblical dress and wig)
Erica Lloyd (wearing men’s work clothes and tool belt)


3 signs: "Scene 1," "Scene 2," "Scene 3,"
Tote bag for Angel Gabriel
Glass jar
Several bags of M&M Peanuts
8 Balloons
2 small bowls

[Playbill Note: The teen clowns chose to have teenage boys play the roles of women and teenage girls play the men’s roles. Since the Seekers congregation has worked a lot with gender roles, the congregation viewed this as satirical social commentary. There are three references to the Seekers congregation that may need explanation. (1) The congregation gathers in a circle outside the sanctuary before worship to practice hymns, make announcements, sing "Happy Birthday," greet visitors, etc. (2) Carol Anne and Kevin are a young couple in the congregation with two preschool sons, named Nathaniel and Jeremiah. (3) The Seekers congregation rents space from the Church of the Saviour and went through a difficult time in early 1997, trying to decide whether to purchase a building of its own. Ultimately, the congregation lacked sufficient consensus to do so.]

Scene 1:

[Announcer, Zechariah, and Elizabeth enter]

Long ago there was an old couple named Zechariah [Announcer points. Zechariah bows] and Elizabeth [Announcer points. Elizabeth curtseys]. They were very devout and followed all the laws of God. They even came on time to the circle before worship. But they didn’t have any children. [Announcer holds up sign, "Scene 1" and exits. Zechariah waves incense]
I’m sorry to bother you while you’re doing your priestly duties. I wanted to remind you that I won’t be home to cook dinner tonight. I’ll be going to Carol Anne’s baby shower.
Another one? She and Kevin seem to have a baby every couple of years! What are they going to name this one?
You do forget things, don’t you. Let’s see. They have Nathaniel and Jeremiah. Then they had Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, and Micah. This one must be Nahum. Unless they name him Isaiah, since they skipped that one.
I know if I had seven, I’d name one Lamentations. But I wish we’d had a child. What time will dinner be?
I just told you. My, your memory has gotten bad as you’ve gotten older. I wish we’d had a child, too. But we are too old now. We’re old enough for the seniors group. Well, I can see you’re about to offer the incense. Don’t forget, you’ll be home alone.
Where are you going?
I just told you! Is your memory that bad? I’m going to Carol Anne’s. [Elizabeth exits]

[Angel Gabriel enters. Zechariah is startled]

Are you here to cook my dinner? I don’t remember where my wife has gone.
Angel Gabriel:
Don’t be afraid. Your prayer has been heard.
Then you are here to cook my dinner!
Angel Gabriel:
No, but you and Elizabeth will have a son, and you will name him John. He will be great in the eyes of the Lord and full of the Holy Spirit. He will be possessed by the spirit and power of Elijah. He will go before the Messiah and prepare the people to be fit for the Lord.
How can I be sure? We are old and Elizabeth is barren.
Angel Gabriel:
Here are some Spirit fertility pills for Elizabeth. [Shows the glass jar filled with M&Ms.] But because you doubted, you will be mute until the baby is born. Anyway, here are the pills. [Pours a few pills out into Zechariah’s hands] Remember, they’re for Elizabeth.

[Angel Gabriel and Zechariah exit.]

Scene 2:

[Announcer, Mary, and Joseph enter]

Elizabeth had a kinswoman in Galilee, who was named Mary. [Announcer points. Mary curtseys.] Mary was engaged to be married to a carpenter, Joseph. [Announcer points. Joseph makes a strong man pose, showing his biceps.] [Announcer holds up sign, "Scene 2" and exits.]
I may not be able to see you after work and before dinner. I have some people from the Seekers congregation coming over today to talk over a project. They said they need me to renovate a worship space in a building and to make about a hundred chairs. The discussions may go on a bit. I hate working late, but after that donkey we just bought, I need to make money.
That sounds good, dear. With the money from that we can have a nice honeymoon in Jerusalem, or even a vacation on the Red Sea.
Well, don’t spend it yet. I’ve heard that the Seekers congregation can never make a decision. They had a chance to buy a building last spring but couldn’t get everyone to agree. So this may just be an exploring, so let’s not spend the money yet. And it’s a lot of work. But we sure could use the money.
That’s fine dear. I have to talk to my bridesmaids. I have to see their dresses. I’ll see you tomorrow.

[Joseph exits]

[Angel Gabriel enters]

Angel Gabriel:
Greetings, most favored one, the Lord is with you.
[Looks around] No, I’m here by myself.
Angel Gabriel:
Don’t be afraid, God is showing grace to you. You will have a baby boy and name him Jesus. He will be great and God will give him the throne of David and his reign over Israel will never end.
No, you don’t understand. I’m a virgin. Joseph and I are old fashioned and are waiting until we’re married.
Angel Gabriel:
Your kinswoman Elizabeth is old and barren but she is in her sixth month of pregnancy. It’s because of these Holy Spirit fertility pills. [Shows the bag of M&Ms.] Here, take two and call me in the morning. [Gives the bag to Mary]
Well, OK, I’m the Lord’s Servant. [Mary and Angel Gabriel exit]

Scene 3:

[Announcer enters]

Mary went to see Elizabeth in Judea. [Announcer holds up sign, "Scene 3" and exits.]

[Mary and Elizabeth enter talking. Both have several balloons under their clothes as if they’re pregnant with two babies]

Well, I took some of those Holy Spirit fertility pills like the angel said, and the first thing I knew I had ballooned out to here. I can hardly walk. I’m going to name them John and Joanne. [Points to each]
You, too? Well, the angel told me to name my son Jesus. But now there’s two, and I can’t think of a girl’s name that goes with that, so I guess I’ll name them Emmanuel and Emmanuella. [Points to each]
I can’t believe that Zechariah got into the fertility pills. He signed that he thought the "M" stood for memory pills.

[Zechariah enters as Elizabeth is speaking. He has two balloons under his clothes as if he’s pregnant with two babies]

You think you’ve got troubles? Joseph tried the fertility pills, too. He says that he thought the "M" was for millionaire pills.

[Joseph enters as Mary is speaking. He has two balloons under his clothes as if he’s pregnant with two babies]

[Angel Gabriel and Announcer enter. All turn and face outward to the congregation]

Never underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit!
Angel Gabriel:
And the "M" stands for "miracle." [Announcer and Angel Gabriel hand out bowls of M&Ms to each side of congregation.]

[All exit]

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