Art by Amdy

Seekers Gallery

Art by Amdy

 The Art of Mohammed “Amdy” Adje

 April 2nd through May 29th

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Guest Curator Statement


I met Mohammed Adje, known as Amdy, who hails from Senegal in West Africa, at Community Vision, an outreach and day program in Montgomery County for homeless individuals.  He is a prolific artist working in a variety of mediums depending on what has been available to him, and can be found virtually every Thursday morning in the art workshop at Community Vision.  As a young man Amdy studied art in his native Senegal and in Paris. 


Amdy works in acrylics, oil, water color, pencil and pastel, often including collage elements into his work.  His pieces are full of vibrant, colorful patterns, some evoke African tribal patterns while others clearly depict villages and cities and still others are totally abstract.  Some works recall the pages of a book and at other times a window leaving the viewer wondering if they are looking in or out – maybe both.  Many have elements of his spiritual journey and encompass the iconography of many faiths.  All of Amdy’s work is certainly a window into his artistic soul which has not been hampered by the many adverse circumstances of his daily life.


Through the advocacy of Alice Sims of Art for the People and the generosity of Jose Dominguez, Director of Pyramid Atlantic Art Studios, Amdy has been given studio space at Pyramid Atlantic. There he is able to create his art works among other committed artists in a nurturing environment. 


The works in his current show at Seekers Church were produced between 2004 and 2008.  They pop with color, express an exuberance of movement, and showcase the talent and versatility of a wonderful artist whose new work we hope to present in the future.  I feel privileged to have been trusted with 2 of Amdy’s portfolios from which to pick work for this show.


Sandra Miller
Guest Curator for
Seekers Church and Community Vision


Please consider making a purchase of the works you love in order to help Amdy secure a stable future for himself.  Thank you.

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