Seekers Gallery March 2015

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Guatemala Memories

Images by

Shawn Vidmar Devine

Textiles from the collection of

Sandra Miller

15 Mar GalleryThe new exhibit in the Seekers Gallery features images and textiles from Guatemala. The cards and prints by Shawn Vidmar Devine are accompanied by textiles from the collection of Sandra Miller.

Shawn carefully chose the photos and cards in this exhibit from images captured during Guatemala pilgrimages sponsored by Seekers Church. Both Shawn and her husband Dan have benefited from the Seekers Scholarship fund, so they wanted to give back to the church and the program. All of the proceeds from this show go toward Seekers’ involvement with PAVA, the scholarship fund, and/or any other expenses Seekers incurs with the 2015 Pilgrimage.

Prints and cards can be purchased by contacting Sandra Miller. Click here for an e-mail. 


Shawn Devine Vidmar (Pueblo, Colorado)

15 Mar Gallery PantalonesShawn loves to travel. Her love has taken her hither and yon, and back to Pueblo again. All the while she is behind the lens of her trusty camera. She has been part of the Seekers Church pilgrimage to Guatemala several times since at least 2007.

Although she has a love for photography and other art forms, Shawn is a full time lecturer at Colorado State University (Pueblo) in the English Department. She and her husband Dan Devine, run SOMuch! Productions, a printing company for artists. Shawn has shown in the State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit for the past five years, and in 2011 won First Place in the Professional Two-Dimensional Art category for “Santiago Caballeros” (A print and cards with this image are included in this exhibit).

Sandra Miller (Takoma Park, Maryland)

15 Mar Gallery FrontSandra is a Steward of Seekers Church and the curator of our gallery. She first visited Guatemala in 1989 during La Violencia, and was entranced by the beauty of the people, their land, and the intricate detail of their weaving. During her first month-long sojourn, and several subsequent visits as part of the annual Seekers work pilgrimage, Sandra has acquired a rich collection of handwoven fabrics, some iconic and some antique. The collection began as a concern over the loss of these items because there was little infrastructure for in country preservation of the tradition. Some of them are included in the current exhibit.

At present, Sandra is a member of the Eyes to See Ears to Hear Peace Prayer Mission Group at Seekers, and has recently facilitated a class on building the Beloved Community in the Seekers School of Christian Living. During the week she serves on the staff of Community Vision, a day program in Silver Spring that provides outreach to the homeless community, case management, recovery programs, as well as recreational and therapeutic groups. There she often has the opportunity to encourage artistic expression by the clients of her program. Sandra is an artist at heart.

Prints and cards are available for sale by contacting Sandra.

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