School of Christian Living – Spring Semester, Term 3



Sign up now for classes in the School of Christian Living, Spring Semester, Term 3, which begins on Tuesday May 1 and continues through May 22.


Is There a Mission Group for Me?
Facilitated by Marjory Bankson


What makes a mission group different from a committee? Or a task group? It’s the attention to spiritual formation as well as the defining purpose of the group. This will be your chance to explore different mission groups and sample the experience of being in a committed group yourself.


At Seekers, mission groups are the fundamental place of belonging and service. Regular face-to-face meetings help build trust and a sense of shared commitment. The process of discerning God’s call and evoking gifts in the group helps members deepen their life in Christ and deal with life’s challenges, knowing that they are not alone.


If you’d like to know more about the eight mission groups at Seekers (or how to start a new group), plan to attend this four-week class. We will use the booklet “What is a Seekers Mission Group?” as our text and have representatives from the different mission groups visit each class.

Classes begin at 7:45. 
Join us for a simple before-class dinner at 7:00 ($4 donation)

To register, use the sign-up sheet at Seekers or email Jacqie Wallen.



What is the Sekers School of Christian Living?

The Seekers School of Christian living is an educational program offered by Seekers Church, an intentional Christian community in the trdition of the Church of the Saviour. We have two spring and two fall terms and offer two courses in each term. The terms are each six sweeks long. Sometimes there are short courses between the terms. Courses cover a wide variety of Biblical, Christian, community-building, and personal and spiritual growth topics. They typically blend discussion, class activities, and homework that emphasizes reflection and the practice of spiritual disciplines.


How much do the classes cost?

The classes are free. During the spring and fall semesters, a light dinner, open to all, is served before the class. A donation of $4.00 is requested from those who share in the meal.


Do I have to be a member of Seekers Church to attend?

The School of Christian Living welcomes all who seek spiritual growth and knowledge, whether or not they are members of Seekers Church.


How do I sign up for a course?

Click here to e-mail Jacqie Wallen or sign up Seekers CHurch on Sunday after worship. 


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