Race & Diversity – Bringing Together 4 Communities

May 18, 2008


2008 Pentecost bulletin

Today we are initiating a sacred conversation on race and diversity in order to build a community of communities.

Humans exist in and for relationship. Our calling as Christians is to love our neighbors and therefore to be in proper relationship with each other and all of creation. This involves mutual responsibility and accountability toward each other’s well being.

A sacred conversation on race and diversity represents an effort to articulate our human vocation to relationship, to bring people into dialogue about personal and institutional relationship, and to help them create and sustain a community committed to personal and social transformation.

We pray that what is offered today falls on open hearts and ears for the benefit of all which would be pleasing to the Holy One.

I am pleased to introduce our preachers,Reverend Paulette Imani and Maybelle Bennett from Covenant Christian Community.

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