Seekers Church Explores Muslim-Led Local Initiative

Seekers Church Explores Muslim-Led Local Initiative

For many years the Interfaith Sacred Conversation on Race & Diversity, a partnership of Seekers Church and Covenant Christian Community, has been developing a relationship with the Muslim Women’s Coalition, an organization dedicated to upholding the principles of democracy, equality, justice and communal welfare as inherently Islamic values introduced with the advent of the faith.  In recent years the Eyes to See, Ears to Hear Peace Prayer mission group of Seekers church has been integral to deepening this important relationship with MWC. Through our connections with MWC, we received an invitation to an open house on Thursday, December 17th sponsored by The International Cultural Center (ICC) in partnership with Montgomery County  Faith Community Working Group (FCWG) and Gaithersburg Interfaith Alliance (GIA). The

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“The Lilies of the Field: Creating an Elder-Friendly Community” by Jacqie Wallen

27 February 2011 foolish hope thumbnail

8th Sunday of Epiphany


Call me a Marxist, but I have always loved Karl Marx’s slogan:  “From each according to his ability and to each according to his need”.  Or, to update it: “From each according to his or her ability and to each according to his or her need” (You can call me a Marxist but I for heaven’s sake, don’t call me politically incorrect!)  Marx’s slogan seems to me to be a good basis for a just and merciful society.

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Two Christmas Stories” by Pat Conover

13 February 2011

6th Sunday after Epiphany foolish hope thumbnail


This sermon grows out of a pet peeve of mine, the mixing together of the two Christmas stories in Matthew and Luke.  So I'm going to take out my irritation on you.  If I'm successful you will all end up feeling irritated.


Maybe if you hear the two stories separately you will actually feel thankful and instead of feeling irritated you will happily never mush them together again.  After all, both are interesting stories, just different stories.

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“Being Salt, Being Light” by David Lloyd

6 February 2011

 foolish hope thumbnail

5th Sunday after Epiphany


When you hear this part of the good news that Matthew tells, the Sermon on the Mount, what do you hear?  What do you see?  From the first time I’ve heard it, I’ve heard and seen a serious Jesus, maybe even a stern Jesus, declaiming from the hillside, telling his followers what they must be, what they must do, maybe even shaking his finger at them.  It has felt burdensome, something I am expected to do, a way of living I am to take on but what I suspect deep in my heart I can never live up to.

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