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Second Term Spring Semester


Sign up now for classes in the School of Christian Living, The new term begins on Tuesday March 20 and continues through April 24.

There Once Was … (New Testament Parables)

Led by David Lloyd

We’ll explore the meaning of Jesus’ parables in Luke and the other gospels for the 21st century using art, music, and movement to help unlock the text.  We’ll look at familiar parables (including the sower and the seed, the good Samaritan, the prodigal son,) with new eyes and explore some less familiar ones (the persistent widow, the friend who came at midnight, the cost of the tower), and we’ll tackle the ones with a hard message (the dishonest steward, the vineyard workers, the big dinner party).   This class counts as a New Testament class.


Semi-Secrets of Seekers: Everything You Wanted to Know But Didn’t Know Who to Ask

Led by Marjory Bankson

We will explore the worship experience as living theology; our culture of commitment, mission groups & retreat; distributed leadership and how it works; the role of Stewards and the Servant Leadership Team; money as a spiritual issue, and how Seekers might support your call now. Come with your questions. Expect some reading, personal sharing and weekly written responses. 

Classes begin at 7:45. 
Join us at 7:00 for a simple dinner before-class ($4 donation)

To register, use the sign-up sheet at Seekers or email Jacqie Wallen.



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What is the Sekers School of Christian Living?

The Seekers School of Christian living is an educational program offered by Seekers Church, an intentional Christian community in the trdition of the Church of the Saviour. We have two spring and two fall terms and offer two courses in each term. The terms are each six sweeks long. Sometimes there are short courses between the terms. Courses cover a wide variety of Biblical, Christian, community-building, and personal and spiritual growth topics. They typically blend discussion, class activities, and homework that emphasizes reflection and the practice of spiritual disciplines.


How much do the classes cost?

The classes are free. During the spring and fall semesters, a light dinner, open to all, is served before the class. A donation of $4.00 is requested from those who share in the meal.


Do I have to be a member of Seekers Church to attend?

The School of Christian Living welcomes all who seek spiritual growth and knowledge, whether or not they are members of Seekers Church.


How do I sign up for a course?

Click here to e-mail Jacqie Wallen or sign up Seekers Church on Sunday after worship. 





The mission of the Servant Leadership School is to prepare called individuals and communities to come out of empire and into God’s realm, abiding in Christ to sustain them on the way.


Rooted in the inward/outward tradition of The Church of the Saviour, the Servant Leadership School offers a unique approach to theological education that emphasizes an integrated process of personal and social transformation. Spiritual practices are paired with serious study; intentional relationships across cultural divides come alongside immersion in movements for justice. Located in the diverse Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC, it empowers people from all walks of life for their next step in our shared exodus journey.


Developed in partnership with faith communities and organizations on a similar path, the School’s programming is organized around six themes: call in community, prayer and contemplation, Scripture and the Christian tradition, economic and earth justice, liberation from oppression, and peace and reconciliation. Each term of the School these themes are woven together to trace the movement named in our mission: out of empire within and without, into God’s realm in the here and now, abiding in Christ to sustain us on the way.


For more information visit the Servant Leadership School on line at http://www.slschool.org/programs/servant-leadership-school.html

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