Lectionary and Nice Cream!

Calling All Recipes!

We’d love to keep featuring a vegan recipe each week. If you have an old favorite, or have tried something new recently, please write it up and send it to John or Katie. Desserts, salads, sandwiches, entrees . . . anything that tastes good! For now, here’s one from Katie.

Nice Cream for Summer

Here is an incredibly easy and delicious summertime dessert.

  • Slice ripe bananas—those whose skin is turning brown—and freeze them at least overnight. 
  • Place two or three bananas’ worth of the frozen slices in a food processor with a splash of your favorite plant milk.
  • Process until smooth. 

The frozen bananas go through a lumpy stage in the food processor, but don’t despair—in no time they will transform into a beautiful ice creamy texture. At this point the nice cream is a delicious soft serve that you can eat right away. Or you can freeze it in a covered container to eat later. You can also add whatever other ingredients you like, such as chocolate chips, peanut butter, candied ginger. For more ideas and inspiration check out the list on fitfoodiefinds, or just search in your browser.

Happy summer!

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A Lectionary for All Creation

CreatureKind, our partner organization, challenges us to “change the way we see ourselves and other creatures. We see that we are one among many of God’s beloved creatures.”

CreatureKind has just published “A CreatureKind Lectionary for all Creation: For Animals, Peoples and the Earth.” This free resource is available here.

In describing their intentions with this lectionary, CreatureKind writes about how industrial agriculture values profit over God’s creation, and harms animals, workers, and communities. “So, what would it look like to center animals farmed for food in our church services? In our reading of the Bible? In our small group meetings? In our daily meditations?”

This is a terrific resource for any faith congregation, and we hope to find ways for Seekers to make use of it. Meanwhile, have a look yourself. It is truly “a labor of love for animals, peoples, and the earth.”


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