FLOC Shares a Vision with Seekers

10_jan_floc_visitors_front_page.jpgSeekers Church has a long history with FLOC (For Love of Children.)


Fred Taylor, one of our co-founders, was the executive director of FLOC when it began in 1965. The Spirit has always led Seekers Church, as individuals and as a family of faith, into missions and ministries that support children and families. FLOC is dedicated to providing students in the District of Columbia with the resources they need to achieve educational and personal success.

On January 17th, Allison Henken and Amber Shollenberger brought us a message of hope and a call for help. Their sermon felt like a strong affirmation of our worship theme for this season after Epiphany: “Look What’s Here!”

For more information about FLOC and how you might help them help students all over the city, visit their web site.

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