Down the Road Together

A Ministry of Seekers Church

The Down the Road project emerged in 2018 from a series of meetings within the Seekers Church community in which we discussed our hopes, fears, plans, and ideas about how we might be a more supportive community for those among us who are dealing with issues of aging or disability in themselves or others.

The first accomplishment of this project has been to create a website ( to provide a forum for Seekers to share information, ideas, resources, plans, and feelings about their own later years or those of their friends and families. The website is open to all, except for the Seekers Chat Room, which is for Seekers only. This website was made possible by a gift from the Seekers Growing Edge Fund, which paid for one year of the website, one year of email, and a program called Word Press which helped in the design of the site.

The Down the Road project is coordinated by a team of three Seekers: Jacqie Wallen, John Morris, and Peter Bankson.

Mission Statement

Down the Road is a ministry aimed at helping Seekers:

  • Remain connected to the Seekers community as they age;
  • Plan ahead for aging-related needs in themselves and their loved ones;
  • Be a supportive community for older Seekers and Seekers who care for older loved ones.

The Down the Road Team will help provide information about services and resources, creating opportunities for sharing and discussion, and facilitating the development of specific projects related to housing, transportation, or other issues of concern to older adults.

Visit the Down the Road website



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Domestic Giving 2019
Carroll Cafe -- Friday, June 14th 2019