Christian Growth Class: My Faith Statement

My Faith Statement

[On 14 Jun 1996 the graduates of Seekers' Christian Growth Class conducted the service and read their faith statements to the congregation. The faith statements covered a wide range of beliefs, reflecting more the intentionality of belief among Seekers' youth rather than any particular Christian dogma. Here is an example of a faith statement from that service. The last name was suppressed by the webmaster.]

I am Jennifer, and I have been with Seekers since the age of 6. We came to Seekers because one Sunday when we were with friends in California, I looked at the cross with Jesus crucified on it, and asked "Who is that?’ My Mom, after answering me, decided we needed to find a church. That’s how we came to be here, and love this community.

Last year in 8th grade I made a school transfer from a big public school to a small Quaker school, which turned out to be a difficult year. Seekers was there for me during that difficult time, even though you all may not have realized it. But when going on to high school, I applied and was accepted at St. John’s College High School. All through my application waiting period you were there for me, asking how it was going and offering words of encouragement. In my experience Seekers is a loving and supportive Christian community.

In the process of learning about other religions, it made me realize that there is more out there than what I am used to. So in my faith statement I am here to say that Seekers is an ideal church for some, but I still need to explore other faiths.

While I do believe is that there is a God, I don’t know how to express my love to God. I would like to read a brief story I wrote last year which represents for me how Seekers is letting people who are so different live together with a common goal.

Once there was a girl named Sarah and her best friend Jane. Sarah was in tenth grade and Jane was in ninth. Sarah is very popular and has many friends. Jane is quiet and has only a few friends. Sarah likes punk and rock music. Jane likes classical and soft rock. Sarah has a belly ring and Jane has earrings. Sarah's parents are debaters so the house is always full of the sound of them fighting. Jane's parents are yoga instructors so their house is always calm and full of new age music.

One day Sarah and Jane went on a walk to the one place that they had been going since they were ten. The whole way they just walked and listened to their separate Walkmen. When they got to the secret place they just sat there and watched the ocean (the one thing that they both loved doing). Then they walked home listening to their separate Walkmen and when they reached their separate houses they said to each other that they would see each other at the same time the next evening. Then Sarah went to her room and talked on the phone and Jane went home and wrote in her journal and listened to Bach.

I would like to thank you all for being supportive in my life and in my exploration of my relationship to God.

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