A Reading of “Christ Climbed Down”


January 1, 2023

A portion of Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem, “Christ Climbed Down” was used as the reflection paragraph at the beginning of each of the four weeks of Advent. This morning, Dave led us in a reading and discussion of the full poem, which was first published in 1958 as part of Ferlinghetti’s collection A Coney Island of the Mind. The full poem may be read at https://www.coloradoindependent.com/2007/12/24/seasonal-poetry-christ-climbed-down/

The congregation was asked to reflect generally on what we each have learned or thought about during this season, and more specifically on the following questions:

1. In what way(s) have I honored the meaning of Christmas this year?

2. In what ways have I already to pared down my Christmas celebration and/or what would I like to do next year?

3. What words or phrases in the first five stanzas of the poem struck a chord with me?

4. How did Jesus steal into my soul this year?

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"Epiphany: A Season of Call" by Marjory Bankson
"Immanuel” by Margreta Silverstone