2022 December Stewards Minutes

Seekers Church

Stewards minutes

December 4, 2022

Present: Peter Bankson, Marjory Bankson, Ken Burton (recording), Joan Dodge (moderating), Elizabeth Gelfeld, Judy Lantz, David Lloyd, Sandra Miller (meditation), John Morris, Trish Nemore, Brenda Seat, Keith Seat, Vince Shepherd, Deborah Sokolove,  Jacqie Wallen, Glen Yakushiji.

Absent: Cynthia Dahlin, Margreta Silverstone

Guests:  Anita Jackson, Liz Gould-Ledger

Meditation: This meeting’s meditation was led by Sandra. She read St. Francis’ Canticle of the Sun.

Housekeeping: Stewards will meet on Sunday, January 8, 2023, at 5 pm using zoom as the meeting format.  There will be a dinner break from approx..6:30 – 7:00.

Moderator: Peter
Meditation: SLT
Recorder: Marjory

2023 Budget – Marjory for FOG (attached)

 It was approved as presented. The increase in budgeted giving over 2023 is based on projections from giving in the last several months. .

Christmas Offering – Trish for SLT

It will be distributed among four households with connections to Seekers.

New Seekers Directory – David for SLT

It will be distributed initially online in draft, first to Stewards and then to the full community. Changes include flagging Members (based on those who signed the book during Recommitment) with an asterisk (*) and printing the names of Stewards in bold. Mission group moderators are asked to review the list of their group’s members for accuracy.

Pastoral Concerns and Soul Talk

Annual Christmas Party – Led by Marjory with suggestions from Cynthia..

Submitted December 5, 2022 by Ken Burton

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