Seekers cross

A Psalm

Seekers crossThe Stewards of Seekers Church, a group of core members who hold the health and business of the community in their care, meet monthly.  Each meeting is opened with a time of worship led by a different volunteer Steward.  Each worship leader brings their own gifts and creativity to the role.

At the August 2008 meeting Stewards created a collaged Psalm made up of a selection of words and phrases cut from magazines and other sources.  The selections were in a basket with glue and a few markers to use expeditiously and were passed around the circle with a backing sheet as Nan Merrill’s version of Psalm 17 (from Psalms for Praying) was read as a chant.

The result:


Travel beyond the ordinary.

Look what’s inside wild things

and fields of dreams

to learn from flights of fancy

through which we are

making connections.

The hills are alive 4,354 blissful moments.

Ignite your passions, fragile beauties.

Well, today is someday.


"Dance came from the people,

it should always be delivered back to the people."*

It’s in our nature to be rich and abundant.

*Alvin Ailey

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