Fall Semester 2008 – First term

Tuesdays, September 9 – October 14 from 7:45-9:30
All are invited to share a light dinner before the class beginning at 7 pm. 



Led by Jeannine Caracciolo and Ruth Alice White
This discussion group will explore the history and science of global warming, personal values and habits as they relate to climate change, and personal actions to curb the effects of global warming.   How does our caring about climate and adverse climate changes and their effects on the vulnerable and poor worldwide relate to our faith and our core spiritual values? We’ll use a discussion guide from the Northwest Earth Institute ( www.nwei.org) and supplement it with material from Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light (an interfaith resource for faith-based learning and action).  We’ll also draw on Brian McLaren’s Everything  Must Change, Jesus and the Global Revolution of Hope and other sources. Jeannine and Ruth Alice, as the course conveners, will provide the structure and materials for lively exploration and discussion.

The discussion guide is $20.



Led by Marjory Bankson and Margreta Silverstone
Do you ever wonder "Who’s really in charge around here?"  Do you long for a simple organizational chart rather than a personal story?  Are you intrigued by the invitation to offer a class? Display your art? Preach a sermon?  Ask for money from the Growing Edge Fund?

Join us for a six-week exploration of the culture and practices that make Seekers a viable spiritual community with distributed leadership.  Together, Marjory and Margreta will bring lots of experience and creativity to leading the class.  You can expect weekly reading assignments (biblical and otherwise), writing and sharing in class.  Whether you’ve been coming to Seekers a long time or a short time, you can expect to learn and grow in your understanding of this particular Body of Christ.

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Fall Semester 2008 - Second term
School of Christian Living Summer Term 2008