2020 December Stewards Minutes

Seekers Stewards Meeting December 6, 2020

Conducted via Zoom. Started at 5pm.


Stewards: Vincent, Trish, Marjory, Peter, Glen, Deborah, Ken, Jacqui, Joan, Brenda, Sandra, Elizabeth, Michele, Margreta, Keith, Judy, Cynthia, Dave

Visitors: Anita, John, Liz GL

Meditation: Deborah

Facilitation: Joan

Recorder: Margreta


Next month: Deborah facilitate, Sandra worship, Marjory recorder

Budget: Marjory sent out the budget prior to the meeting (it also included with this record)2021 Budget

Noted, on the income side, Michele, Keith and Debbie have worked with a consultant to clean up the balance sheet. The designation of an “Earmarked Holy Spirit” is from the roll over. Income is on target.

Expenses: The general guideline on the budget has been to divide funds as 20% space, 40% on ourselves and 40% on others. The budget reflects 53% on others. Holy Spirit is $30K. Deficit of $6,300 – can be covered.  The suggestion is to revisit the categories, but not at this immediate time. The Church of the Saviour and Dayspring funds have been restored.

Interest is from Manna and may shift.

Budget approved.

Stewards Agenda Calendar –Brenda sent out the proposed agenda calendar on Nov 9. To be noted, in 2021 the April and July meetings will be second Sunday (April because of Easter and July because of the 4th holiday). Trish – calendar is a planning device. Not a firm agenda. The calendar was accepted. 2021 Steward’s Meeting Calendar-as of 12-15-2020 SLT

Christmas Offering – Brenda – 4 people (3 within and 1 outside) – $1600. The goal for the Christmas offering is to also give up to $1K more to the Capital Area Food Bank. Historically, the offering has been around $3,000. Any amount that exceeds these designations will be added to the Holy Spirit fund.  Stewards agreed with the current plan.

Steward sharing – Vincent.

Soul Talk

Celebration of Joan’s service on the SLT

The business portion of the meeting ended and a virtual holiday party ensued.



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