2017 November Stewards Minutes

Seekers Church – Stewards Minutes

5 November 2017

Present: Deborah Sokolove (moderator), Dave Lloyd (worship), Peter Bankson, Marjory Bankson (helping angel), Kevin Barwick, Joan Dodge, Judy Lantz (angel), Glen Yakushiji, Keith Seat, Brenda Seat, Michelle Fromme, Jacqie Wallace, Sandra Miller (recorder), Ken Burton

Absent: Margreta Silverstone, Trish Nemore, Vince Shepherd, Cynthia Dahlin

Visitors: Doug Dodge


next meeting December 3rd

moderator: Dave Lloyd

Recorder: Marjory Bankson

Worship: Sandra Miller

Angels: Kevin Barwick, Joan Dodge

Cynthia will host the Stewards Christmas celebration at this meeting

Christmas Eve Update: With feedback from the community it has been decided to keep the tradition of the Christmas Eve potluck dinner and service of lessons and carols, for which Sharon Lloyd is taking the organizing lead. As December 24 is on Sunday, there will be a shortened worship service beginning at 10 AM in the classroom, and no Circle Time Gathering. The table setup in the sanctuary for the Christmas Eve dinner will occur on Saturday, December 23.

Sermons: The proposal is to place our audio sermons on the web. This can be done at no cost by providing a link on the Seekers site to a private YouTube  page. The audio file would include comments offered after the sermon, though the hymn and offertory would have to be erased because of licensing restrictions unless they are performed live. All usual sensitivities to the wishes of the preacher would be honored. Proposal was passed unanimously.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Offerings: SLT recommends sending the one Sunday Thanksgiving offering to support recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. SLT has reached out to Aeren Martinez, former Seekers member, because of her connections there.

The Christmas offering will be dispersed to the Seekers member most connected with the recipient to be doled out as the sponsor deems proper. Possible recipients are Joyce Freeman (Mary Carol Dragoo), Kemani (Judy & Sharon), and possibly Jackie Mbabazi for Eli’s care (Trish & Debbie Barwick). Off the top there will be $50 given to each of the Dongo family children.

2018 Stewards’ Agenda: Brenda presented the proposed agendas for next year – a copy is attached

2018 Budget Draft: Marjory presented the proposed 2018 budget. There was a shortage in meeting the mission group requests which has been resolved by reducing two line items which were in excess of what was needed. A red flag was raised about the fact that no contribution to the Capital Reserves was included and FOG will work with recommendations that allow for that in the final budget.

A recommendation was requested for a Stewards conversation about the giving amount in the budget which was reduced due to changes in the demographics of the congregation.

New version is attached.

Mission groups should be having conversations about giving.

Seekers’ Corporate Social Action:

In a discussion started in January, Stewards identified 6 areas of consideration:

  • peacemaking
  • social safety net
  • immigration related issues
  • racism/supporting diversity/supporting LGBTQ+ people
  • care for the environment
  • women & children

Stewards were given colored dots to place on flip chart pages to identify priority areas they would support, and to what extent they would be involved via action and financial support. Post It notes were also supplied to augment the information previously identified.

Transcription from Dave is attached.

Steward to Share: Sandra Miller shared

Soul Talk








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