Our inclusive language liturgies generally set the structure and theme of Sunday morning worship.

2017 Advent: Comfort, O Comfort My People




Advent is a season for our imaginations to run wild as we contemplate a God who becomes human. We are given a wider glimpse of God when we allow Advent to be an invitation to dream beyond our comfort zones of what we think can happen in our lives or what God can do.

Enuma Okoro, Silence and Other Surprising Invitations of Advent, p. 9

2017 Jubilee: Treasures of Darkness

2017 Jubilee bulletin cover: undersea photo with fish and coralGATHERING


Spring bulbs and summer seeds come to life in the unlit places underground. Costly jewel stones lie embedded in the dark interiors of ordinary rocks. … The dark depths of the ocean teem with life.

Sally Breedlove, Choosing Rest: Cultivating a Sunday Heart in a Monday World, p. 133

2017 Recommittment: Getting a New Heart and a New Spirit

2017 Recommitment season bulletin cover image: Deborah Sokolove, Station 12: Jesus Dies on the Cross, 2007, acrylic and copper on board, 12” x 12




The Spirit is the animation that God breathed into humankind on creation day; the Spirit is the mystery of the resurrected Christ; and the Spirit is the future of God reshaping the community.

Gail Ramshaw, Under the Tree of Life, p 84


2017 Summer: The Kingdom of Heaven is Like…

photo of miscellaneous jewelry with large pearl at centerGATHERING.                 



The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed…
The kingdom of heaven is like yeast…
The kingdom of heaven is like treasure…
The kingdom of heaven is like a pearl of great value…
The kingdom of heaven is like a net…

Adapted from Matthew 13:31-33 and 44-46

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