Down the Road Together

A Ministry of Seekers Church

The Down the Road project emerged in 2018 from a series of meetings within the Seekers Church community in which we discussed our hopes, fears, plans, and ideas about how we might be a more supportive community for those among us who are dealing with issues of aging or disability in themselves or others.

The first accomplishment of this project has been to create a website ( to provide a forum for Seekers to share information, ideas, resources, plans, and feelings about their own later years or those of their friends and families. The website is open to all, except for the Seekers Chat Room, which is for Seekers only.…

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Carroll Cafe — Friday, June 14th 2019

Reunion Road—Eleanor Ellis & Carol Hausner

CD Release: Short Time to Be here

As REUNION ROAD, Carol Hausner and Eleanor Ellis mix and match their rich, emotive blend of voice and guitar with songs in the bluegrass and folk roots traditions. The two first met and began singing together in the musical haven of Takoma Park, MD, during the 1980s, in the early days of the Takoma Park Folk Festival. When festival founder Sammie Abbott was mayor, he and his wife, Ruth, hosted many musical parties where members of this vibrant community met and exchanged songs and ideas.…

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