Spring 2015 – Special Term

Special Term

May 12 – June 2

Spiritual Guidance at Seekers

Led by Marjory Zoet Bankson

This four-session class will refresh the purpose and practice of spiritual guidance at Seekers for those who are currently offering spiritual direction in mission groups and others who are interested in receiving spiritual companionship.

All participants are invited to come at 7 pm with a brown bag meal to eat together before class. Class starts at 7:45 pm


Sign up at Seekers or e-mail Marcia Sprague here.

Class Outline

Session 1: History, Purpose and Current Experience

    • Background (monastic/Quaker/ C of S/ Seekers)
    • What is its purpose today? Where does it overlap with other modalities?
    • Different forms of spiritual companionship

Session 2: Qualities of a Spirit Guide and Forms of Reporting

    • What do we look for in a spiritual guide? Experience and/or training
    • Forms of reporting – what’s it’s NOT and what it IS
    • Exercise in responding to a spiritual report

Session 3: Mission Group Guides at Seekers

    • How chosen? Why? Different patterns of accountability
    • Value of written reports for the writer – helpful responses
    • More on responding to a spiritual report

Session 4: Deepening Our Spiritual Lives at Seekers

    • How might mission group guides help each other?
    • Resources for those who feel called to this work
    • Other needs? (Stewards? Classes? Silent retreats? Etc.)
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